Graphite packing ring

 Graphite paper     |      2018-11-19 16:46


Graphite packing ring is molded by flexible graphite packing tape and can be reinforced by metal materials.

It is mainly used for sealing of valves, pumps and elastic joints in petrochemical, thermoelectric, nuclear power and general industrial applications, with stable functions.

Standard: 8-1100mm high working pressure: 43.1MPa working temperature: - 200-650 Primary products: low torque packing rings for valves, pitting corrosion resistant packing rings, high temperature resistant packing rings, nuclear grade packing rings, etc.

Usage: Graphite packing rings are made of pure graphite plates by perforating or cutting. They have excellent corrosion resistance, high/low temperature resistance, excellent compression resilience and high strength. Various round and disorderly gaskets are widely used in pipes, valves, pumps, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, condensers, generators, etc. Air compressor, exhaust pipe, refrigerator and so on.

Graphite packing rings, also known as flexible graphite packing rings, are moulded from stainless steel wire mesh surrounded by graphite strips. The surface is treated with lubricants, graphite powder and corrosion inhibitors. They are suitable for mechanical sealing in petroleum, chemical and power industries.

Graphite packing ring primary use

1. It is directly pasted on the surface of various metal and non-metal materials, playing the role of anti-sticking, temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, sealing and so on.

2, processed into graphite packing ring (for all kinds of valves, pumps and other static and dynamic seals).

3. As the central clamping data of metal-surrounded gaskets and the lining data of steel, iron and copper-clad gaskets (for pipe flanges, vessel end caps, seals).