Pure natural graphite heat dissipation film

 Graphite paper     |      2018-11-19 16:56


With the acceleration of upgrading and upgrading of electronic products and the increasing demand of heat dissipation management for mini, high integration and high performance electronic equipment, our company has introduced a new heat dissipation technology for electronic products, namely, a new solution for heat dissipation of graphite materials.

This new natural graphite solution has the advantages of high heat dissipation efficiency, small occupancy space, light weight, uniform heat conduction along two directions, eliminating "hot spot" areas, shielding heat sources and components, and improving the performance of consumer electronic products.

Main Applications: Used in notebook computers, flat panel displays, digital cameras, mobile phones and personal assistant equipment.

Product characteristics: Surface can be combined with metal, plastic, adhesive and other materials to meet more design functions and needs.

Low thermal resistance: thermal resistance is 40% lower than aluminium, 20% lighter than copper, 28% lighter than aluminium and 78% lighter than copper.